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Milli is transforming the food delivery industry by putting the power back in the hands of restaurant owners.

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Milli Supports You

Unlike other food delivery systems, we won't take a 30% cut on every order. In fact Milli will only charge 5%* per order, allowing your business to thrive and grow the way you deserve to!

Your restaurant your way

Let your customers order and pay from their phone, and let them pickup or have it delivered, while you get paid within hours of someone making a purchase.

How Milli Works For you?
Customer Orders
Your customers can order and pay from their phone, without needing to be inside your venue.
Prepare Order
The paid order pops up instantly at your venue, and your team can get to work.
Collect Orders
If they select pick up they simply pick up and if they request delivery you can do it yourself.

Manage orders easily on your tablet.

When a customer orders, your team tap to accept an order, and tap to let them know it’s ready.

SMS Marketing

Quiet day? Tap the tablet to send a message to those who are nearby, right now. Send a special, an event, even a joke. This is real-time targeted marketing right outside your door.

Connect with your customers

As soon as the customer enters the geofence that surrounds your venue they get a notification that leads them straight to your menu so they can order faster.

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© 2020 Milli Built by Nowboarding
© 2020 Milli Built by Nowboarding